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You can attach a washing line to a fence if your state andor community requirements allow it.

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Hello, my neighbour has attatchad a washing line to my fence post. Buachaill is online now.

Neighbours moved in recently and I noticed that they had put up a washing line by wrapping the wirecord around our fence post.


. The survey will control the location of the boundary and the fence will have to be moved.

Finally, try to construct your berm in a crescent shape instead of a straight line. .

In a post on Mumsnet, she said "My next-door neighbours keep using my washing line.
But one woman has been left furious after the person living next door to her started coming into her.
Boundary Fence Rules.



A double T-shaped mark means that responsibility for the boundary is shared. Nov 7, 2022 Any medical bills directly related to the water damage, either for physical injury or mental distress. Nov 25, 2021 They will be located at the corners of your property.

Jun 28, 2010 93 replies. . My comments are for general discussion based on California law. She wrote "My new neighbour has ruined our fence (in our deeds) by staining their. 062 Assessing. In the law, true harassment is often very difficult to prove.


Designer Solutions for Screening the Neighbours. .

Don't let your small garden ideas cost your a hefty fine be aware of these top ways you can break the law in your own backyard.


A simple way is to add a section of trellis on top of your existing fence or wall as shown in the photo above.

You can also reference the description in your deed and walk the boundaries of your property.