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If problems persists then please follow below troubleshooting steps First, connect to the app, tap the gear icon in the top right, tap speed settings, and make sure the slider is at the max.

Click on the scooter that you want to perform the region change on. . .

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Prepare to be inundated with this question. . .

. Today I want to share with you, how you can unlock you limitation speed from 20kmh to 29kmh.

For those who get a new one delivered with a newer firmware.


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Once it connects and displays information about the scooter, click on Utilities on the top menu. pizza tower The first method mentioned is using an Android device with the ScooterHacking Utility.


As we all know the Ninebot MAX G30 leaves the factory with a peak power of 700W and a maximum speed of 25 Km h.

I just purchased a Ninebot G30P and have been reading up on the various firmware hacks that can be done, particularly, those involving "speed hacks" in order to.

. I&39;ve tried combinations of pressing button and brake and I haven&39;t been able to replicate it. STABILITY UPDATE.

It seems to be. Top speed of 18. The objective of this Best firmware for Ni. 126. If you have an iPhone or whatever else exists out there, do some research to see how you can get this done. .

The scan menu for a Ninebot Max on Scooter Companion.

. For those who get a new one delivered with a newer firmware.

So the G30LP set to the US region has max speed of 30 kmph It seems the hack using an android phone is only for setting the region from somewhere to the US.


org and XiaoFlasher for making this possibleXiaoflasherhttpsplay.

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